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Sleep is an Essential Tool for Maintaining Good Mental Health!

Women with a sleep magic silk mask

Let’s be honest. Life is BUSY. And it only seems to be getting busier each day. Now that we are in the age of Aquarius, which is the technological age, we are inundated with stimulation from the moment we wake up. Not just from one source either, but from calls, texts, emails, videos, and so much more. We literally have to do everything at once, but also do it all perfectly. It’s enough to drive anyone into stress, anxiety, or even depression. We are pushed to our limits each day, until our head hits the pillow at night and we are required to do it all again.

This over-stimulation is too much for our mind, body and souls. For 264 million people worldwide, the constant attack on our nervous system results in diagnosed anxiety disorders, not to mention other mental health concerns.   Personally, working in one of the busiest cities in the world, I could feel the attack on my adrenals years ago, and sought out to create a solution.

My intuition always led me back to the grounding and balancing powers of crystals so I started to look at the science of how they interact with your body more specifically and think about how I could create products that could benefit my body and brain on the daily. The more I researched, the more I found that the technological age was just beginning and the constant stimulation was only going to get stronger and more prevalent.

Therefore, my question became, “What can we do to better support our systems now and as this tech world continually increases?” Each study I read, led me back to one thing - SLEEP. As our waking life becomes more and more saturated the one thing that gives us balance is each night of rest and reset. Sleep was the answer to each and every study.

As far back as a 2014 survey, 42% of Americans said they got less than seven hours of sleep on a typical night. And across the world, less than 50% of survey participants said that they were sleeping well every night. If you have been deprived of sleep for a few days, the amount of sleep you need increases. Sleep deprivation creates a sleep debt that your body will demand to have repaid at some point and can play an important impact on your mental health. And that was 2014!! 

As the Mental Health Organization in the UK has summarized: "We spend about a third of our lives asleep. Sleep is essential - It is as important to our bodies as eating, drinking and breathing, and is vital for maintaining good mental and physical health. Common mental health problems like anxiety and depression can often underpin sleep problems."

Imagine how much more taxed our systems are now in 2021! With aiding sleep as my primary focus, I started brainstorming what crystals could help increase my sleep depth and breath naturally. Then a kismet connection with Iva at a wedding in Bali and RE.VITYL was born. A tested and approved line of sleep routine products featuring crystal infused solutions that help people get the sleep they deserve! When the pandemic hit, we were just launching RE.VITYL and what would usually seem like a poor time for a new start-up, turned out to be the answer to the need that the market was facing.

People who were already battling the stresses or overwork, burn out, and taxed mental health, also had an added layer of fear and uncertainty that was keeping them up at night. When we sleep, our body and brains can repair and regenerate. RE.VITYL enables us to get to sleep faster and stay asleep more deeply and soundly throughout the night.

Our crystal-infused products with mineral energy help provide deep healing and relaxation. Our organic essential oil blends are also scientifically proven to have a relaxing effect on the nervous system through our primary scent that activates our senses and soothes our mental faculties. Lastly, studies show that creating a routine and ritual improves sleep by over 40%, so if you commit to using your RE.VITYL products each night to wind down, you will literally train your body and mind to aid in the process and enable you to drift off to dreamland more swiftly.

I can't think of anything better for both peace of mind and maintaining optimal mental health.

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