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Self-Care Tips For Teens

We get it, you’re in the time of your life where sleep seems for the week and there’s a lot going on that you don’t want to miss.Your tweens and teens are imperative for social growth, getting to know yourself, and of course, for fun, but there’s one other thing you need to consider, it’s the time where building healthy habits matters. If you don’t cultivate routines while you’re young, it becomes that much harder to hold yourself accountable as you grow older. 

Self-Care & Sleep Tips for New Parents from our Co-Founder & Mom of 2

I have been there!  I hear all you new parents out there! One of the most magical moments in our life is when we hold our newborn baby in our arms. We are excited, exhausted and nervous.  We have no idea what is awaiting us!  It's true what they say,...

5 Self-Care Tips for College Students

Are you in college, an incoming freshman, a high school student working toward college, or a working professional with college-like sleep habits? Do you wake up tired, rely on caffeine, plan on a daily nap, or accidentally stay up way too late?  We get it – sometimes you have to...

World Sleep Day – March 19th

Today is World Sleep Day and it’s the moment to slow down and pause and remind ourselves the importance of sleep for achieving your optimal health and good quality of life.   “Studies have demonstrated that stable bedtimes and rise times are associated with better sleep quality in young, middle-aged adults,...

Benefits of Sleeping with Crystals

Let’s talk sleep aids. There are tons of different products available with the sole purpose of helping you sleep. They could be ingestible like supplements, gummies, or teas or something more physical like blackout curtains, weighted blankets, special pillows, or sleep masks. Maybe it has to do with sound, like...

How to Treat Insomnia Naturally, Without Medication

Sleep is a critical function of everyday life. You can fast from food and water for days, detoxing your body and resetting gut health, but going without sleep for 24 hours – let alone 48 – is detrimental to one’s physical and psychological health, and it can seriously affect home,...

How to Relax After Work

Sometimes, winding down after work is easier said than done. It’s particularly hard nowadays to mentally clock out, especially when working from home. No matter what your position, company, or industry is, it’s important to learn how to relax your mind when you’re away from the desk.

6 Sleep Hygiene Tips

Sleep quality is everything. A good night’s rest is not only something you cherish at the end of a long day, but it’s what fuels the day ahead. Without proper sleep, you may feel entirely out of sorts – both physically and mentally. Yes, a lack of quality sleep can...