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RE.VITYL™ Sleep Magic collection was created to offer increased energy renewal, maximize rest and enhance the overall sleep experience. 

The RE.VITYL® Sleep Magic products made with® fabric, are created with sleep and rest in mind! Our signature secret is they’re made with Tourmaline inserts, and created to promote relaxation and tranquility enabling you to fall asleep faster! 

The everyday grind is enough to make you feel tired all the time, making you feel unbalanced emotionally and physically; leaving you little or no time to restore your energy. These products are intended for people of all ages and genders who are in a constant search for natural products that will help them improve their quality of life. If you are active, oriented towards healthy living, use natural resources and materials where possible, and want to live your best life than you will love RE.VITYL™ products with elemental energy by®.® is a unique composition of 100% Natural Tourmaline minerals that has been created into a fabric used in the inserts in our sleep products.  The combination of precisely defined sacred stones in quantity and ratio, is ground and mixed without any chemistry or additives and created into a fabric.

Yes! The fabric is created with 100% Natural Tourmaline Crystals!

The inserts are made of a Tourmaline Microencapsulate mineral-infused fabric that is (90% Polyester/10% Cotton) OEKO-TEX®.

The natural release of negative ions (anions) through tourmaline provides a feeling of natural well-being. In our day to day, we find ourselves surrounded by an excess of undesirable cations (ions with a positive electric charge). These are produced by the electronic devices that surround us, and add to our stress levels and sleep disruption.  

With the use of the® fabric we combat these undesirable effects of stress, thanks to its anions, which offset the electronic charges of the devices. 

The result is that we have made products that feature a lightweight, quilted, comfortable insert that you won’t even know is there!

To learn more about RE.VITYL™ elemental energy by® and the science behind Tourmaline crystals, please click HERE.

All of our silk is naturally dyed, mulberry 22 momme silk standard.  All our silk is made with 100% Oeko-Tex certified silk which has been both grown and processed to its strict testing standards.

Yes! All of our silk products are made with non-toxic dyes and our suppliers meet the very strict international Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Confidence in Textiles.

For the outer silk shell we suggest, hand-wash in cold water.  If you would like to use detergent, we suggest you use eco-friendly & delicate-lingerie washing detergent. Rinse with cold water and lay flat to dry. If cared for properly, quality silk can become softer and more supple with time. 

Your quilted gray & white mask insert, is not meant to be frequently washed so as to preserve the mineral fabric composition. Only hand-wash in cold and air-dry when soiled or necessary.   We suggest placing it in the sunlight or hanging outdoors to refresh.

Yes! Our paper pulp pouch is perfect for maintaining the quality of the silk material of the eye mask. It conveniently keeps your RE.LEASE eye mask hygienically clean and safe, so you can take your mask on the go! Best of all, it’s 100% naturally biodegradable and recyclable.

Composition: The pouch is made of 100% FSC certified wood pulp. Paper pulp is created by mechanically separating the cellulose fiber from wood.

- 100% Naturally Biodegradable and Recyclable

- Reusable-Metal Zipper closure

- Dimensions 9”x5”

The inserts are made of a Tourmaline Microencapsulate mineral-infused fabric that is (90% Polyester/10% Cotton) OEKO-TEX®. 

Your quilted gray & white pillow or bed insert, is not meant to be frequently washed so as to preserve the mineral fabric composition. Only hand-wash in cold and air-dry when soiled or necessary.   We suggest placing it in the sunlight or hanging outdoors to refresh.

For the optional outer silk shell, hand-wash in cold water, and if you would like to use detergent, our suggestion is to use eco-friendly & delicate-lingerie washing detergent. Rinse with cold water and lay flat to dry. If cared for properly, quality silk can become softer and more supple with time.

Face, Body Care & Essential Oils

YES! We genuinely believe that nature is filled with miraculous resources; therefore, we implore protocols that ensure 100% purity in our essential oil production. We are so conscious about where our oil is coming from, which is why we enforce TRACEABILITY of output and work with all of our oil suppliers and partners. Our oils NEVER contain fillers, diluting oils, synthetic fragrances, or unnatural components of any kind.

Yes! They are 100% free of nuts, soy & gluten.

We recommend that you consult a health care practitioner if you have any concerns about whether our products may be a suitable fit for you. Our products are not recommended for medical use.

Our products never contain any harmful artificial preservatives and are lab tested for consumer safety to stringent EU standards. All of our body oil products contain only organic and natural ingredients that are safe for anyone to use. However, please consult with your pediatrician to ask if our products are safe for your children. Make sure to check our ingredient lists for anything they may be allergic to and always patch-test on a small area first.

All RE.VITYL™ oils are non-GMO, pesticide-free and are never tested on animals. Laboratory certificate to ensure our oils meet the stringent European Union laws. 

Our Single pure essential oils and body & face care lines: Rosemary, Clary Sage, Peppermint, Lavender and Grapefruit are 100% certified organic. 

Organic Lavender Body Oil & Organic Lavender Hydrating Mist are 100% certified organic.  

All other blended products contain a minimum of 95% certified organic ingredients.  Each product will indicate which ingredients are organic or only 100% natural.  

All of our products have a 3-year shelf life when unopened. Our oils are packed in Miron glass bottles that are designed to increase the shelf life of your products and prolong their potency. However, we still advise storing them in a room temperature environment, out of direct sunlight. After opening, we recommend using the oils within 12-24 months, and sealing tightly after each use.

Because we do not use any alcohol, chemicals or fillers in our products, it is natural for the scent to evolve and change over time.

We use MIRON ultraviolet glass packaging which distinguishes itself by its high quality and offers your products optimal protection against the harmful effects of light. Furthermore, our MIRON glass increases the shelf life of your products and prolongs their potency.  All of our MIRON packaging is recyclable.

We have strategic partnerships with small essential oil producers throughout the country of Croatia.  Whenever possible, we use locally grown and steam distilled oils in our blends. Our partners harvest and distill their own oils on small family owned and operated farms.

The other hand-selected complimentary oils in our blends are sourced from organic certified suppliers in France.

Our products are NEVER tested on animals. All of our oils are Laboratory certified by a third party to ensure they meet the stringent European Union requirements and standards for consumer safety. The EU requires all essential oil manufacturers to test their oils and blends in a certified lab. We pass this quality onto you.

We DO NOT promote the ingestion of our oils, and are not liable should you choose to do so. All of our oils are 100% pure and natural and when possible certified organic. We recommend seeing a professional aromatherapist or doctor before making the personal decision to ingest any essential oils.

Yes, all of our roll-ons are 100% natural with no chemicals added, no fillers, no synthetic fragrances, or unnatural components of any kind.

Yes, all of our mists are 100% natural with no chemicals added, no fillers, no synthetic fragrances, alcohol or unnatural components of any kind.

Our Sleep Magic Mist and Organic Hydrating Lavender Mist do not contain any alcohol.  We believe that our mists should be as natural as possible for you to enjoy safe self-care.  

Because we do not use any alcohol, chemicals or fillers in our products, it is natural for the scent to evolve and change over time.


Our sea sponges are 100% natural and organic sea sponges are the ultimate gift of mother nature for self-care.  

The 100% natural and organic sea sponges are straight from the Adriatic Sea, and is the ultimate self-care gift direct from mother nature.  These environmentally friendly, reusable sponges give skin a soft, thorough and delicate cleanse. A Skin Magic tip! We like to use these to both cleanse the face and to apply makeup, or for a gentle full body scrub.

Our sea sponges have been harvested by the same family on the Croatian coast for over 300 years using the same technique. The great effort the local divers put in maintaining this old tradition of natural sponge diving and handpicking, in the Adriatic Sea, allows for the consumers to enjoy one of the most luxurious self-care products. 

The Adriatic Sea Sponge has been known for its uncompromising quality, and its natural growth conditions date back to ancient times. 

When sponges are mindfully collected, parts of the sponge are left on the ocean floor to regenerate. Crop rotation allows the sponges to be harvested only once they regrow to their original size, which occurs within a few years.  Our methods of sponge harvesting are designed to preserve nayira; habitats of sea sponges.  Our suppliers processing and production standards are in compliance with EU regulations.


Rinse the sponge thoroughly in warm clean water. Squeeze out excess water and leave to dry. 


For an infrequent deep cleaning, use a natural chemical free soap or face cleanser and soak in sudsy water for a few minutes. Rinse in clean water, squeeze out and allow to dry naturally.

Yes you can!  Our sponges are often bought by mothers for the new born babies.  They are safe and 100% natural to be used on the youngest members of your family and do not contain any plastic or unnatural materials.

The intricate system of canals that makes up the structure of a sea sponge allows them to be cared for easily. They do not hold onto organic matter that can cause foul odors in your bathroom. When cared for properly, a natural sea sponge can last for 2-6 years!

And, when you are done using it on your body, it can be re-purposed for household cleaning or even painting!

General Information

We currently offer free Standard Ground Shipping on all Orders Over $50.

*Please note: Shipping & Delivery is currently paused in Canada and Asia & Europe until 8/15/22. All orders received will be processed at that time. We apologize for any inconvenience while we change our warehouse locations in these countries. 

We are currently shipping in the Continental USA via USPS/UPS, Canada via Canada Post,  ASIA (Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia) and Europe via SF Express.   Please expect 14-21 days transit time for orders shipping to Europe.  If you do not see your desired country on our shipping list, please email us to see about arranging a shipping quote and method to ship your Email us at for any special requests. 

We will make every effort to process your order in a timely manner. Typical order processing time is between 1-2 business days, when order is placed by 12pm EST on a business day. 

We cannot be responsible for any delays incurred by shipping carries during this time.  

You will receive an email confirmation once your order has been received. An email notification with a tracking number will be sent as soon as your package ships. General shipping days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If for some reason you require expedited shipping, please select your desired upgraded method at checkout (at your expense) or email us at with any questions. Please note, expedited shipping transport times may experience carrier related COVID-19 delays, that we are not responsible for.

Please note that International orders (outside of the countries we ship from - US, Canada and Singapore) must pass through customs and may take up to 3-4 weeks to reach their destination. Parcels held at customs may be subject for review by the parcel service and revised customs charges may occur.  As the seller, we cannot be responsible for custom charges that may occur, nor can we provide a refund or exchange if you decide to forgo said charges

Due to the nature of our products, our sustainability pledge and to maintain hygienic standards, we can only accept returns on unused, undamaged merchandise in the same condition that you received it, and where applicable with the return tag intact. Items must also be in the original packaging.  We cannot provide a refund or exchange if you refuse to accept applicable customs charges issued by your country. 

Our return policy is valid for (30) thirty days from the receipt of purchase. If 30 days have gone by since you received your items, we unfortunately will be unable to offer you a refund or exchange. To return or exchange your product, please email us at with your order number to receive a RA# for your return.   

You are solely responsible for the return shipping method & charges incurred for your return. We advise using a carrier with tracking capabilities, as we are not responsible for any return items lost during transit.

We will process your return within 48hrs of its receipt to our warehouse.  Credit card refunds usually take 5-10 business days to appear on your statement.

For exchanges, please email us at with your order number and to notify us of your desired product exchange request and the new item you are selecting. We will provide you with a RA# and a shipping label to send your items back to us. Once received, we will send your item exchange.  Any price difference less exchange shipping charges will be reconciled against your initial order. If funds are owed, we will send you a payment link for that difference prior to shipping the replacement item.

All items marked final sale are not eligible for return or exchange. All sets, kits and items marked savings to be valid for a refund must be returned (unused/unopened) or exchanged (unused/unopened) and as a complete set only. 

We accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and credit cards or debit cards. We also accept Shop pay via shopify. Unfortunately, we cannot accept checks or money orders.

We have thought long and hard about this, and as an elemental energy company that encourages mindful consumption, we do not feel that these "BNPL" companies offer a fair energy or financial exchange to the end consumer.

We have created all of our products to be long-lasting, so that you can consume them in a mindful, sustainable and financially responsible manner.

We also offer our 20% of newsletter sign-up code, and free shipping over $50 to make it even easier for you to try our products.

Only one discount code or gift card may be applied per order. Free shipping is still only valid on orders over $50, no matter what discount code has been applied.

Oh no, that’s a bummer! Here are a few things to check if your payment didn’t go through: Check that your cards billing details (such as the security code and billing address) match what you’ve entered into our system.

Yes! Please visit our Stockists list HERE to see where you can check-out RE.VITYL™in person at a retailer or spa near you!

We would be happy to assist you in placing a wholesale order for your store or website. However, as an individual purchasing our products, you agree not to resell or distribute RE.VITYL™ products for any commercial purposes. We may reject or cancel an order if we have reason to believe that your order is not intended for personal use. 

If you are a retailer interested in our wholesale offerings, please contact us at, to find out how to become one of our stockists!

We are thrilled that you love our products! Please tag us @re.vityl with #revityl & #revityllife and if we decided to re-post your image, we will send the love back to you!

Please note, we do not pay compensation for any social media posts or blog posts unless previously agreed upon by both parties.  Stay tuned for the launch of our affiliate program, where we will all be able to share in the love!

For press related inquires, please email us at:

We are pleased that you love our products, and are grateful to all that help spread the word about our brand!  Stay tuned for the launch of our affiliate program, where we will all be able to share in the love! 

We at RE.VITYL™ believe in the power of nature’s energy; the foundation of all of our products. As an elemental energy wellbeing company; we believe that it is our responsibility to establish RE.VITYL™ at its core, as a company that supports environmental sustainability and holds ourselves to be ethically responsible for the efforts we make towards reducing our ecological footprint.

We pledge to make mindful decisions to do our part in supporting sustainable efforts in all aspects of our business. 

- Our packaging is made of reusable, recycled, recyclable and or biodegradable materials.

- Our essential oils are 100% naturally grown, and wherever possible organic. They are always certified. 

- Our silk products meet the Oeko-Tex natural certification requirements of being made without harmful chemicals and are 100% naturally dyed.

- Our Tissue Paper and Packing Tape are made in accordance with the Noissue Eco Packaging Alliance, and for every order we place with them, a tree is planted.

We are sorry you did not find the answers you are looking for. Please contact us at and we will be glad to help you out.

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