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RE.VITYL™ is the outcome of a long-lasting friendship, and shared passion for wellness, mind-body connection, female empowerment, and the quest for genuine relaxation.  

From a friendly wedding reception chat in Bali in 2010 to co-founders of a wellness startup company, our story is an example of the magic that happens when females empower each other. 

We both share a love of natural, quality products and keeping sustainable efforts at the forefront of our brand. We truly believe in the re.laxing and re.storative powers of native plants and stones and their ability to bring about true wellness, harness positive energy, and enhance your quality of life. 


Meet our Co-Founder 

Rashia Bell

Outside of the world of RE.VITYL™,  Rashia is a resident Energy Healer at the Spa at the Four Seasons New York Downtown and Philadelphia. Through her company THE CRISTALLINE, she has created product collaborations with brands such as Equinox, Carbon38 and the Four Seasons Hotels, and been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Net-A-Porter, and GOOP. 

¨As an Energetic Interior Designer and Crystal Healer, I show people how to harness the energy within themselves and their spaces through natural crystal stones. Through many years of guiding people to access their intuitive selves, I am excited to channel my newest passion into RE.VITYL™ and bring you more ways to incorporate crystals into your life.¨    

Rashia's SLEEP Tips:

1. Create a ritual around your nighttime routine, so that it is an experience that you love doing! 

2. Surround yourself with all a couple of your favorite things that make you feel relaxed as you are preparing for sleep. For me having crystals on my nightstand and my sleep mask on is a must. 

3. I’m someone that thinks about what I wear to bed as much as I do when getting dressed int the morning. The more comfortable you are the better you wills sleep. 

4.  Activate all of the senses. From the silk that you sleep on, to scents from essential oils and soothing sounds, they all set the stage for a restful nights sleep. 

Sweet Dreams, 



Meet our Co-Founder Iva Bravic Millereau

Iva has had the amazing opportunity to grow up between Croatia and Toronto, Canada.  In her 20s she moved to Europe and has been living around the world since then.  (Europe, Asia, USA).  She is currently living in Hong Kong with her husband and two kids.

 ”Growing up and living far from my native Croatia, I always have longed for the summers to go back home. The beautiful landscapes, the untouched nature, the scents of the Adriatic Sea, rosemary and lavender, they take me back to a beautiful place where life moves just a little bit slower. In Croatia, we take the time to smell the sea, we feel the wind in our back, and we believe that nature can heal almost everything. This philosophy and dedication is put into every product that we create for you, and is why the roots of our products and brand live in Croatia!¨

Iva's SLEEP Tips:

1. In Croatia, our biggest meal is lunch, and dinner is always light to help us sleep better.  

2. Dim the lights in your house to kick start your circadian rhythm.  

3. If you must use electronics, wear anti-blue light glasses.  Before going to sleep, turn off the wifi in your house. 

4. Release your mind and body with essential oils.  My favorite is the RE.VITYL RE.LEASE sleep roller-on blend.  It smells like Dalmatia! 

5. Let the RE.VITYL RE.LEASE silk sleep mask rest on your forehead as you start your night time routine. Read a book, journal, meditate.  

Listen to what your mind and body need on a given day. 

Sweet Dreams,



Croatia - An Abundance Of Wellbeing 

Croatia is a unique oasis of distinctive energy and healthy living where one lives, breathes, eats, and sleeps healthfully. The clean air, abundant forests, and untouched regions; are enriched with sea aerosols that are complimented by sunlight and a mild Mediterranean climate. This emergence creates a lush therapeutically effective environment, whose vegetation is a winning combination for plants and sea life to grow in their most natural forms. The Croatian self-care & traditional healing culture has evolved for centuries around essential herbs, and we are thrilled to bring this know-how to your homes around the world through natural aromatherapies.Our essential oils are hand-blended and bottled in our partner laboratory in Croatia.We only use the best quality 100% natural herbs and ingredients and are thrilled to have access to an abundance of locally grown herbs native to Croatia such as: Lavender, Sage, and Rosemary and are proud have them be the highlights of our essential oil blends. These scents take you on a journey to the medicinal and often wild plants and herbs found in Croatia and transport you in a sensory experience to the lands of this unique and precious Mediterranean climate.  

We hope you enjoy the RE.VITYL Scent Therapy Journeys we have created!

We come together to show the world our passion of living your best life everyday through greater RESt and RECovery. 

 It’s our mission to bring to you wellness products that will transform the way you rest and sleep, so you can live your most vibrant life.  

Every wellness product sold contains therapeutic health benefits, and is sourced from quality focused, nature-minded, and mindful suppliers spanning the globe. Our partnerships in particular with Bioeterica and Biocrystal®, are examples of our commitment to working with small female-founded businesses that produce excellent products.

 We hope that our collective efforts, inspire and empower your own personal wellness choices.

We invite you to join us in living a Re.Vityl™. Life! 

Iva & Rashia