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Re.Vityl™ is the outcome of a long-lasting friendship, and shared passion for wellness, mind-body connection, female empowerment, and the quest for genuine RE.Laxation.From a friendly wedding reception chat in Bali in 2010 to co-founders of a wellness startup company, our story is an example of the magic that happens when females empower each other.

We both share a love of natural, quality products and keeping sustainable efforts at the forefront of our brand. We truly believe in the RE.Laxing and RE.Storative powers of native plants and stones and their ability to bring about true wellness, harness positive energy, and enhance your quality of life.   

From Rashia 

 Outside of the world of RE.VITYL, I am a resident Energy Healer at the Spa at the Four Seasons New York Downtown and Philadelphia. Through my company THE CRISTALLINE, we have created product collaborations with brands such as Equinox, Carbon38 and the Four Seasons Hotels, and been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Net-A-Porter, and GOOP. As an Energetic Interior Designer and Crystal Healer, I show people how to harness the energy within themselves and their spaces through natural crystal stones. Through many years of guiding people to access their intuitive selves, I have seen just how impactful RE.St and RE.Covery and the products we incorporate into our lives, are key components to maintaining our energy and promoting our best life. 

 From Iva 

 My life has taken me around the globe. I was born and raised in Croatia until the age of 10, when I left my homeland the journey started that eventually brought me back to my home. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have called Canada, France, Switzerland, Russia, USA, China, Hong Kong my current residence, my home. While globetrotting around the world, I was always longing for Croatian summers. The beautiful landscapes, the untouched nature, plant fields and the scent of the Adriatic sea, rosemary, lavender, pine trees where life moves just a little bit slower. Where people take time to smell the sea and where we believe that nature can heal almost everything.It is with passion and dedication that we put this intention into every product that we create for you. RE.VITYL is a gift from us to you. 

We come together to show the world our passion of living your best life everyday through greater RE.St and RE.Covery. It’s our mission to bring to you wellness products that will transform the way you rest, sleep, and travel so you can live your most vibrant life.  

Every wellness product sold contains therapeutic health benefits, and is sourced from quality focused, nature-minded, and mindful suppliers spanning the globe. Our partnerships in particular with Bioeterica and Biocrystal, are examples of our commitment to working with small female-founded businesses that produce excellent products. We hope that our collective efforts, inspire and empower your own personal wellness choices.

We invite you to join us in living a Re.Vityl™. Life! 

Iva & Rashia 

Croatia - An Abundance of Wellbeing    

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