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Mirror Mirror on the Wall….

Mirror Mirror on the Wall….

There’s no shortage of news, studies and statistics on how sleep affects all aspects of your life. From your mood to your energy, work and family. But did you know that sleep also has an impact on you how you look and ultimately how others may perceive you?


Many of us would agree that we look and feel great after a good night’s sleep.  But did you know there is actually official research to prove that?


The National Library of Medicine has summarized it in the following key points:


  • The recent medical findings show that sleep deprived individuals are perceived as being less attractive and ultimately less healthy.
  • Research suggest that people actually tend to choose to avoid contact with sleep deprived or sleepy looking individuals. They do this to reduce their own health risks that they perceive are by association.
  • In a study where photographs of individuals who got sufficient sleep vs insufficient sleep were shown, the results were that the study group was less inclined to socialize with individuals who got insufficient sleep.
  • We should be sensitive to our friends and family’s sleep history, as their sleep health will indicate their physical and mental health, and ultimately their capacity for socializing.



So what can we take away from this information? Your lack of sleep will have a ripple effect and impact every aspect of your life including your capacity to socialize and interact with friends, family, and colleagues. It’s not just about being stressed and flying off the handle at someone at a store, this can have direct implications on your dreams and goals.


It’s easier said than done.  I know that getting quality sleep is not easy for everyone. 

Creating a sleep routine that works with your lifestyle can make a big difference on how well you sleep at night. 


Below are 5 of my personal sleep routine tips:


  • Synchronize with your circadian rhythm. Dim those lights in your house with the sun. Eat according to it especially in the evenings, these will help to cue your body to start producing melatonin. 
  • Avoid any alcohol and coffee at least 6 hours before going to bed.
  • Get your kids to sleep as early as possible!
  • Take advantage of your me time when the house is quiet. For me that time varies from day-to-day.  Sometimes I choose to utilize that time by taking essential oil infused baths. Another time, I might light a candle and focus my intentions in a journal or an inspirational book.
  • I alternate my natural sleep aids. Right now, I am loving to mist our lavender spray around my room and on my body pre-PJ’s before settling into bed and putting on my crystal infused sleep mask
  • Meditate and practice gratitude for the day you leave behind! After all its another day you spent living on this amazing planet, we call home with all its beautiful wonders. 

 Woman getting ready for bed with RE.VITYL products

Leaving you today with this funny quote


“Without enough sleep, we all become tall two-year-olds.” — JoJo Jensen, Dirt Farmer Wisdom


Next time you think you can get off only a couple of hours sleep because you binged watch Netflix, think about the impact it can have on your quality of life.


Sweet Dreams,







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