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Sleep Mask Benefits

Benefits of Sleeping with a Silk Sleep Mask

When shopping for the best eye mask for sleeping, the RE.VITYL crystal-infused silk sleep mask is the only place you need to look. As we all know, a quality night’s sleep is crucial for all aspects of life, and what better way to achieve that than by matching it with the same standard of excellence in your sleep mask? The best eye mask for sleeping should activate your senses and naturally put you in a state of relaxation. We’ll tell you what makes the RE.VITYL sleep mask just that.

A Silk Sleep Mask

Establishes a Routine

  • A silk sleep mask reduces light exposure

  • It pairs well with other sleep aids, solidifying a bedtime routine

Having a silk sleep mask helps establish a nightly routine. As you purge your evening of items and activities that don’t contribute to good sleep hygiene, take note of what you are surrounding yourself with. From reducing harsh, artificial blue light to adding Himalayan salt lamps and a quality eye mask, there are things you can do to establish your nightly routine. At RE.VITYL, we understand that the importance of a nightly routine can make or break a night’s rest. So, have your relaxing book, blue-light blocking glasses, and your silk sleep eye mask on your forehead ready to go, for these things will contribute to your routine and help put you in a relaxing state.

Promotes Quality Sleep

  •  Scientifically proven, powerful crystals promote a good night’s sleep

  • Cool silk fabric aids in relaxation

When you sleep well, your body restores its physical strength and your mind allows processing and healing, boosting creativity and productivity. Emotional well-being improves, promoting overall happiness and fostering your resilience to stress. One of the best ways to improve the quality of your sleep is to invest in effective sleep aids. A RE.VITYL silk sleep mask infused with a blend of crystals for sleep is a fantastic place to start. With the feeling of cool silk on your skin, paired with our combination of 16 powerful crystals embedded in our sleep mask inserts, both your quality of sleep – and life – should naturally improve. 

Activates the Senses

  • Embracing one – or all five – senses can enhance sleep quality

  • Activating the five senses increases consistent sleep patterns

Being aware and having all of your senses turned on helps keep your mind in the right state. Think of the touch of smooth silk on your browline and over your eyes. The scents of our essential oils, sourced from the Croatian coastline. Soothing sounds of crashing waves or nature outside of the city. All of these elements, combined with the darkness of an effective sleep mask, work together to ensure you have the best night’s rest, regularly. 

RE.VITYL’s Silk Sleep Eye Mask

We take great care in every sleep aid
and product we provide.

We take great care in every sleep aid and product we provide. To do this, we seek out the best, natural herbal preparations for our essential oils, preserving and enhancing your health and beauty. We also ensure the Biocrystal® calming crystal composite in our sleep mask inserts are 100% natural crystals, energy certified, and scientifically tested. This natural blend helps promote cell function, improve energy renewal, and ultimately assist in offering higher quality sleep. 

Regarding the silk we use in our silk sleep masks, all of our silk is naturally dyed to the mulberry 22 momme silk standard. The RE.LEASE Mask in white is made with 100% Oeko-Tex certified silk, which has been both grown and processed with strict testing standards.

A good night’s rest is vital, and choosing the best eye mask for sleeping can reinforce that your sleep stays a priority. RE.VITYL wants the best for your health, beauty, and lifestyle. Choose RE.VITYL today.

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