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How to Relax After Work

woman working well after hours wondering how to relax after work

Sometimes, winding down after work is easier said than done. It’s particularly hard nowadays to mentally clock out, especially when working from home. No matter what your position, company, or industry is, it’s important to learn how to relax your mind when you’re away from the desk.

So, sit back, relax, and settle in while the RE.VITYL team shares some ideas to help you wind down after a long day of work.

Unplug ASAP

Step away from the computer, turn on Do Not Disturb, and enjoy some tech-free fresh air. This means putting the phone (and social media) away, too. We know FOMO is real, but sometimes being online so often can negatively affect your mental health, which is why finding your work-life balance can be tricky. After you clock out, go take a breather, a quick walk, or something similar to help your mind wind down. Don’t dwell on what’s happened at work that day if anything’s eating away at you. 

The streaming, movies, games, and scrolling on social media can wait until later. For now, focus on living in the moment when figuring out how to relax after work.

Have Some Fun During the Workweek – Don’t Wait for the Weekend

If you pack too much into a weekend, it can often seem more stressful than stress-relieving. After work one day, meet up with a friend, make some cosmetic appointments (haircuts are quick!), make dinner plans, take an evening class (photography? A workout class? Cooking, perhaps?), or participate in community events like art strolls, farmer’s markets, or outdoor nature walks. 

You don’t have to schedule something for every night of the workweek, but having something to look forward to in the beginning or middle of the week can add to your quality of life outside of work. Plus, it will force you to walk away from the desk... 

It doesn’t matter if you have a regular 9-5 or if your schedule changes week to week, taking time to enjoy life is key to avoiding burnout.

Try Something New (or old!)

Instead of grabbing all the snacks and flopping on the couch for a nightly media binge, think of something you’ve been wanting to try. Now is the perfect time to try a new hobby or bring an old one back. Maybe you’ve been itching to get in the kitchen. Whether you try your hand at healthy, vegan curry or an indulgent chocolate torte, you might find that cooking isn’t such a chore, after all.

If cooking isn’t your thing, pull out a puzzle, buy that new book you’ve been eyeing, try keeping plants alive (it’s hard. We get it), or work on some sort of DIY project you saw on social media. Whatever you choose, these hands-on activities are excellent ways to relax your mind and stimulate your brain rather than relying on a screen.

Some Screen Time Is Okay

Nowadays it’s easy to get sucked into a new show or a video game, which can often result in staying up way later than you anticipated. Over the years, research about blue light before bed has come to light, and we now know how detrimental it is to sleep cycles. Because of this, it’s important to have some off-tech time up to three hours before lights out. According to Harvard Health, you can combat the effects of blue light by dimming your screens, opting for ‘night mode’ on your mobile device, and using warm or even red lights during the evening hours to avoid disrupting your circadian rhythm and melatonin production. 

Harvard specialists also recommend getting plenty of bright light exposure during the day and less in the evenings because it will boost your quality of sleep at night as well as your mood and alertness during daylight hours. (That means you have to open your blinds and pull back the blackout curtains in the morning rather than dwell in a hovel of shadow every day. Sorry!)

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Not ready to buy? No problem! Scroll through our website to learn more about RE.VITYL, browse our FAQ page to learn more about our products, or head to our blog to learn more about mindfulness, restfulness, and wellness. We can’t wait for you to find your nighttime ritual.


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