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Desperately in need of a Re.Charge?

Desperately in need of a Re.Charge?

This year has been a challenging year for the entire world, to say the least. As the situation with COVID-19 has affected and permeated its way into our daily lives, it is 100% normal to find your body fatigued with the daily grind and routine, economic and political instability, and the added stress of the unknown. We made the active decision to move forward and launch our company during the Pandemic, because we felt there was an even greater need for our sleep and mind body products, to find their way into your home. 

We’ve thought a lot about what has and hasn’t been working for us to stay sane, so here are 4, implementable tips from our team at RE.VITYL, on how to make sure you are also taking time this summer to recharge your body:


Schedule "me" time

Between the havoc on our daily lives that the current situation had caused, your summer plans no longer being feasible and the fact that juggling of our daily responsibilities has effectively increased, it is more than ever necessary to make time for yourself. Whether it is taking safe mask-wearing 30min walks each day to get some much-needed vitamin D, working in your garden, taking long baths, meditating, squeezing in a 10min cat nap, or treating yourself to your favorite dish, scheduling (the operative word) “me” time, is just as important as your work/family duties, and can help you recharge and replenish your energy to help get through the week.  


Take re.laxing breaks throughout the day

Take mindful breaks every 2-3 hours to forget about the daily stress for a little while and feel refreshed. You can do that by drinking a cup of tea or taking 5 minutes to meditate. Rashia personally loves to just turn on a favorite song and dance it out! Your brain and body will be grateful, and your mind will feel re.freshed. 


White silk sleep mask with crystals on a bed by a cup of coffee and a magazine

 Disconnect to reconnect

Whenever possible this summer put yourself and your phone on airplane mode, no excuse needed. Just because we aren’t in the office, doesn’t mean we don’t need those half-day summer Fridays that we longingly miss.  But we know that isn’t always feasible for everyone. We can all however take breaks from the digital world, the constant news cycle, and all of the devices that are consistently at arm’s reach 24/7.  Use your phone usage alerts and monitors, silence notifications, put on your do-not-disturb or even your out of office when you are having lunch, so that you don’t allow yourself to even think about multi-tasking during your break. As you know many of our products have a special crystal blend, and the reason why they work during rest and sleep is because they help the body to ground energy which creates a effect.  When we step away from our digital world, you provide yourself the opportunity to connect not only with the energy of nature but with that within you.  


Get enough QUALITY sleep each night 

Quality sleep is crucial to our health and wellbeing. It affects both our physical and mental health and state of mind. Yet, falling asleep at night is not easy for everyone. Many people find themselves tossing and turning at night, which is setting us up to not be successful or productive the following day.  Because all of our anxiety, stress and sensitivity levels are heightened at this time, even if we fall asleep easily, we are likely not getting in as many quality re.stful hours.  First step is to create a nightly routine, to help set yourself up for success.  A couple house before bed, we like to start with diffusing our RE.LEASE essential oil scent therapy blend, because its active botanicals of lavender and clary sage signal to the mind that it is time to transition to Place the RE.LEASE sleep mask on the forehead as you are preparing for bed or reading your book, to activate the elemental energy within. The gentle silk mask when over the eyes, blocks out any light distractions, and works to eliminate fatigue and enhance re.laxation, helping you to wake-up calm and re.freshed.


Start by trying to gradually implement just one of these steps into your day/night, and you will start to see and feel the difference, in your energy, and productivity. And by the time you end your day, you’ll be ready for sweet dreams and the next day ahead!

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