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5 Self-Care Tips for College Students

Woman in a white T-shirt waking up from a restful night’s sleep in her white bed

Are you in college, an incoming freshman, a high school student working toward college, or a working professional with college-like sleep habits? Do you wake up tired, rely on caffeine, plan on a daily nap, or accidentally stay up way too late? 

We get it – sometimes you have to pull an all-nighter to crank out an assignment, application, or project, but it’s all about balance. We’re big proponents of “work hard, play hard, rest hard,” which is why we want to share some of our favorite self-care tips for college students to RE.VITYLize your daily routine.

#1. Know Your Boundaries

Whether you’re living alone or in a hall full of people, it’s best to set some strict boundaries – boundaries with yourself, with your other obligations (jobs, volunteer work, hobbies), your social endeavors (friends, dating, networking, etc.), and with those closest to you (roommates, neighbors, teachers, classmates). 

Here are some ways you can stick to your boundaries: 

  • Keep your phone away from you.
  • Turn notifications off (“Do Not Disturb” is a total game-changer).
  • Take adequate breaks to avoid burnout.
  • Avoid multitasking (here’s why). 

Remember to say no when you don’t want to do something, especially if you don’t have the time or energy for it, regardless of who’s asking. Don’t feel bad; your wellness takes priority. A huge self-care tip for college students to remember is that it's okay to communicate your needs. Everybody has them.

#2. Stick to a Routine

In high school, students are expected to follow a strict routine. You’re at school from the crack of dawn to midafternoon with little downtime in between. In college, you make your own schedule. This means you either have the same high school-like schedule or you can be a late-afternoon-to-evening student. Whatever your schedule ends up becoming, it’s important to get in and stick to a routine, as boring of a self-care tip for college students as that may be.

Perhaps this means something as simple as not studying or doing classwork in your bed (because we know how tempting a midday nap can be, especially during the sluggish parts of the semester) and instead, getting to the library to do what you need to do. Remember to stick to the routine as much as you can stand to. Sure, there are days where you just need to break it up, but generally, it’s better if you keep at it day after day.

#3. Break It Up

Within your routine, pencil in some breaks. A lot of resources say you shouldn’t work for more than an hour straight. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean take an hour off for every hour you’re on, but make sure you get up and get moving after an intense study sesh. 

This doesn’t have to be a HIIT workout or a mile-long run, but implementing some form of activity in your day greatly improves your mental and physical health. The great thing about college is that there are usually ample availabilities for getting active, whether it be an on-campus gym, low-credit fitness courses, or the wide variety of activity-based clubs and organizations you can get involved with. 

Remember brain breaks are equally as important as getting the blood flowing. Sure, you could take 1-5 minutes to scroll on social media and answer texts, but it’s also probably a good time to get organized, replenish your snacks, and refill your water bottle. These sort of maintenance tasks are less fun than catching up on the feed, but they’re essential to your mental sanity.

#4. Remember the Small Stuff

Sometimes, you forget the fun with all the quizzes, study guides, projects, assignments, and group work. Yet, college is a time for you to find yourself, too. Do a facemask, listen to that new album, go get lunch or dinner from your favorite spot, see that new movie, watch an episode of TV, or read a book that isn’t for class. Some say the most important self-care tip for college students is to do whatever it takes to avoid burnout and maintain your sense of self. Hobbies are important to foster and develop during this time of your life because the habits you start in college are the things you’ll maintain throughout your life, most likely.

#5. The Most Important Self-Care Tip for College Students: Prioritize Rest with RE.VITYL

A young man reading a book in his cozy bed in a dimly lit room

At RE.VITYL, we care about good rest. Some of the worst nights of sleep we’ve ever gotten came during the college phase. Sleep wasn’t a priority, and we felt the effects of the grind. We still feel it sometimes! That’s where RE.VITYL steps in. 

RE.VITYL™ is the outcome of a long-lasting friendship and shared passion for wellness, mind-body connection, female empowerment, and the quest for genuine relaxation. There’s nothing better than a good night’s rest and really deep sleep, no matter how long or how little you’re settling in to get. Don’t waste another night wondering how to get enough sleep in college; get started with some of our zzz-inducing products tonight!

Shop RE.VITYL products for an absolute snoozefest.

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