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100% natural and organic sea sponges are ultimate gift of mother nature for self-care.  
The 100% natural and organic sea sponge duo is straight from the Adriatic Sea, and is the ultimate self-care gift direct from mother nature.  These environmentally friendly, reusable sponges give skin a soft, thorough and delicate cleanse. A Skin Magic tip! We like to use these to both cleanse the face and to apply makeup. 

    Made in Croatia, Europe.

    · Makeup/Face Sponge: 6-7 cm | 2.5 inches approx

    · Face/Small Body Sponge: 9-10 cm | 3.4-3.9 inches approx.

    · Soft, fine-pored, highly absorbent and Hand-harvested from the Adriatic Sea.

    · Long-lasting, toxic-free and plastic-free, biodegradable.

    · Packaged in our cotton drawstring pouch. 

    Organic from Croatia: 100% Natural, organic, sustainably sourced & harvested.

    Skin Types: Suitable for All Skin Types & Ages  

    Concerns: Cleansing, Exfoliation, Environmentally Friendly 

    · Wet the sponge and squeeze out excess water before each use.

    · Use the body sponge to gently exfoliate and create lather with your body wash. Unlike synthetic sponges, they contain no microplastics that can shed during washing and get swept down the drain and into rivers and seas. 

    · When finished,Rinse the sponge thoroughly in warm clean water. Squeeze out excess water and leave it to dry. For an infrequent deep cleaning, use a natural chemical free soap or face cleanser and soak in sudsy water for a few minutes. Rinse in clean water, squeeze out and allow to dry naturally.

    · The intricate system of canals that makes up the structure of a sea sponge allows them to be cared for easily. They do not hold onto organic matter that can cause foul odors in your bathroom. When cared for properly, a natural sea sponge can last for 2-6 years!

    The Sea Sponge Experience: Moisten the sponge with water before applying your face cleanser or body wash.  Create a lather by using the sponge to gently massage in a circular motion, leaving you with cleansed luminous skin.

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