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RE.LAX Pillow Pad
RE.LAX Pillow Pad
RE.LAX Pillow Pad
RE.LAX Pillow Pad

The RE.VITYL™ RE.LAX Pillow Pad is infused with a special elemental energy from BioCrystal® to improve sleep quality, and promote greater RE.St and RE.Laxation.

Ensconced in a100% Mulberry Silk protective cover, the RE.LAX Pillow Pad initiates an ultimate RE.St and sleep response. A comfort design merging the combination of healing crystals and soft wool felt, the RE.LAX Pillow Pad is unique in that it helps transforms your bed into a place of active treatment throughout the night. 

Use your RE.LAX Pillow Pad following a long day, by placing it inside your pillow case, and underneath your pillow to enjoy a harmonizing sleep experience. 

Benefits: RE.Lease RE.Cover RE.Energize 

Discover the RE.LEASE & additional RE.LAX elemental energy BioCrystal® products here: Sleep mask & Sleep pad (links to product pages) 

 For maximum effectiveness and an increased sensory experience, compliment with the RE.LEASE ROLL-ON and/or RE.LEASE SCENT THERAPY BLEND (Link to product page)   

Includes RE.VITYL™ RE.LAX pillow pad, in silk protective cover 



 45cm long x 19 cm wide17.72 inch long x 7.48 inches wide  


 One size fits one individual 


 The RE.VITYL™ RE.LAX Pillow Pad outer cover is produced from the finest 100% Mulberry silk with a non-toxic 100% natural dye. Silk is the most gentle and luxurious fabric for use in your bedding.

Pillow Pad mask Insert: 

 The RE.VITYL™ RE.LAX Pillow Pad insert is designed with a customized combination of 16 powerful 100% natural crystal stones from BioCrystal® made possible through 9 years of research. The mixture is amplified with the addition of gold (a known energy booster) and silver (known to have a calming effect). Please click here to find out more. (link to FAQ’s) RE.VITYL™ merges the power of these sacred crystals with a pillow pad for transformation and ultimate RE.Laxation.   

Fabric: Felted Wool Blend 

Care Instructions

Care Instructions Silk Outer Cover:  

  • Machine wash delicate 30°C (86°F) (recommended placement in a delicate wash bag) 
  • Hand wash 30°C (86°F)Dry cleanIron low heatDo not bleachDo not tumble dry 

Care Instructions Removable Pillow Pad Inner Layer:  

  • Do not wash 
  • Do not Iron 
  • Do not tumble dry 
  • Dry clean only 
  •  It is recommended to RE.Charge and RE.Fresh your Pillow Pad insert by placing in the sunlight as desired 


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