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Established in the heart of Dalmatia on the Adriatic coast in 2011, Bioeterica is a family-based company headed by Radojka Macan. 

Over a decade ago, Radojka returned home to the region of Sibenik Croatia after years in the corporate world to start an essential oil farm and distillery using the power of active components of natural botanicals from Dalmatia region. Dedicated to natural ingredients and the concept “From Farm to Body,” her passionate belief is that beauty should be natural.   

Bioeterica is strategically positioned geographically to enable its plants to fully benefit from a region that, in its proximity to the Adriatic Sea, benefits from Mediterranean micro-climate, sea aerosols, and prime soil conditions. This rare setting that is far away from any source of pollution produces the highest quality essential oils. 

 BIOETERICA ensures purity by enforcing TRACEABILITY in every batch of their essential oil production, through strict protocol practices for growing and processing herbs. This gives BIOETERICA the unique ability to verify their quality standards at every step of the process, offering them full insight into the consumer journey from essential oil sourcing, to consumer delivery. A gentle, proprietary steam extraction technique is used for distilling the most effective of essential oils. 

 Their commitment to organic farming and a clean self-care and beauty philosophy is the perfect complement to our assortment.

 It is with this passion and dedication that we have chosen to partner with Bioeterica for our essential oils and personal care products that possess unparalleled regenerative and protective skincare properties. 

 Our partnership with Bioeterica is just one of many forged in our commitment to working with small female-founded businesses that produce excellent products. 

Meet our Scent Therapist 

Dragana Klaric!  

Dragana’s mission is to make you - fall in love with nature!Dragana’s greatest desire is to inspire you and help you preserve and enhance your health and beauty by using natural herbal preparations, essential oils, and natural cosmetics. 

Dragana has over 20 years of experience in cosmetics and aromatherapy coupled with in-depth knowledge in the fields of Phyto aromatherapy and natural cosmetics. With numerous certifications from; Primavera, Anias de Moras, Galbanum Association, Herbal Academy, Learning Herbs, Formula Botanica to name just a few, she has also been an esteemed regional trainer for the world renown leader in natural cosmetics, Dr.Hauschka in Croatia. 

Dragana’s exciting journey of exploring the gentle power of nature continues with our strategic partnership. With Dragana doing what she knows how to do best, Re.Vityl introduces to the world unique blends to Re.Cover and Re.Balance every aspect of your well-being.