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Re.Vityl™ Re.Lease Mask ObsidianRe.Vityl™ Re.Lease Mask ObsidianRe.Vityl™ Re.Lease Mask Obsidian
Re.Vityl™ Re.Lease Mask Obsidian
Re.Vityl™ Re.Lease Mask Obsidian
Re.Vityl™ Re.Lease Mask ObsidianRe.Vityl™ Re.Lease Mask ObsidianRe.Vityl™ Re.Lease Mask Obsidian

The RE.VITYL™ RE.LEASE Eye Mask is infused with a special elemental energy blend of 100% natural crystals created by BioCrystal® to improve sleep quality, and promote greater RE.St and RE.Covery. The RE.LEASE eye mask was designed with the everyday person in mind. Perfect for meditation and genuine RE.St, the RE.LEASE eye mask blocks out light allowing you enter a deep meditative state.

The comfortable elastic adjustable strap provides comfort and keeps your mask secure and in place. No matter what kind of sleeper you are, the RE.LEASE Eye Mask supports you throughout the night in any sleep position you assume.

Made from 100% Mulberry silk, this eye mask is extremely soft and gentle on the eyes and face. Whether you are travelling on a plane, recovering from a jet lag, meditating or just trying to get that beauty sleep you deserve, the RE.LEASE Eye Mask will comfortably initiate your RE.St experience.

Benefits: RE.Lease RE.Cover RE.Energize

Discover the RE.LAX elemental energy BioCrystal® collection here: Sleep Pad & Pillow Pad (links to product pages)  

 For maximum effectiveness and an increased sensory experience, compliment with the RE.LEASE ROLL-ON and/or RE.LEASE SCENT THERAPY BLEND (Link to product pages).

Includes RE.VITYL™ RE.LEASE silk Eye Mask , in a protective reusable wood paper pulp zip pouch.  



 21xcm long x 10.2cm wide x nose bridge 8.5cm8.26 inch long x 4 inches wide x 3.34 inches nose bridge 


 One size fits most, with an adjustable elastic strap. 


 The RE.VITYL™ RE.LEASE Eye Mask outer cover is produced from the finest 100% Mulberry silk with a non-toxic 100% natural dye. Silk is the most gentle and luxurious fabric for use on your skin and eyes. 

Eye mask Insert: 

 The RE.VITYL™ RE.LEASE Eye Mask insert is designed with a customized combination of 16 powerful 100% natural crystal stones from BioCrystal®, blended and made possible through 9 years of research. The mixture is amplified with the addition of gold (a known energy booster) and silver (known to have a calming effect). Please click here to find out more Please click here to find out more. (link to FAQ’s) Re.Vityl™ merges the power of these sacred crystals with an Eye Mask as a tool for experiencing genuine RE.St and ultimate RE.Laxation. 

Care Instructions

Care Instructions Silk Outer Cover: 

  • Machine wash delicate 30°C (86°F) (recommended placement in a delicate wash bag)Hand wash 30°C (86°F) 
  • Dry cleanIron low heat 
  • Do not bleach 
  • Do not tumble dry  

Care Instructions for Removable Mask Inner Elemental Energy Layer:   

  • Do not wash 
  • Do not Iron 
  • Do not tumble dry 
  • Dry clean onlyIt is recommended to RE.Charge and RE.Fresh your Eye Mask insert by placing in the sunlight as desired  


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